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Fray on Fraser: New brunch menu?

Fray: (A) 3980 Fraser St, Vancouver (N) 604-558-3729


Last weekend my Man and I went on a date. He had to ask me out a couple times; I kept turning him down. Gotta play hard to get, you know. Anyway, his plans were ‘take me to Fray for brunch because HE’S been craving the benedict, then take me to Van Dusen garden for the lights festival, then we go eat at Chiptole because I’ve been grinning hard about the place opening for months now’.

Instead, we went to Fray for brunch and somehow between the time of us gambling each other (picture above, thanks to Fray for providing such an activity) and the benedict that he LOVES, he got freaking food poisoning. I don’t know if it has anything to do with Fray food.. I’m hoping it doesn’t and I won’t be making any accusations but omg, was he sick. We sill ended up at Van Dusen though; because that’s what a lovely bf he is. I had no idea how sick he was (the poor guy didn’t show it since he wanted to take me there) until there was puke on the ground. Raced home, made him some tea and he passed out at 8 pm on a Saturday. I obviously stayed in bed with him, but mind you OUR USUAL BED TIMES NOW A DAYS ARE AT 4-5 AM IN THE MORNING.


  • Dill Caesar: Sundays caesar special just $4 a glass! Well worth it for Sunday morning!
  • Chicken and Waffles ($11.95): Battered deep fried chicken with honey mustard sauce. Served with homemade waffles. The chicken was super dry.. too dry for me. Honey mustard sauce was okay, it was sweet enough to go with the waffles and not that odd for the chicken. My first time trying chicken and waffles btw!
  • Morning Glory ($10.95): Two poached eggs, blue cheese, bacon, roma tomatoes, house made guacamole on English muffins. I still believe this benedict is the bomb diggity.
  • Cripsy Polenta ($2): Didn’t like it
  • Farmers Sausage ($2.50): They actually ran out of farmers but gave us some other kind.


  • There’s a new menu I believe, some items are taken off with some new additional items added on.
  • My previous post on Fray here. The food this time was sort of different. Don’t know if they switched some recipes around for the hash either.
  • Really upset they sold out of Portobello fries when we came.

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    1. Hey there, Chris from Fray here. We haven’t heard from anyone else who had a negative reaction with our food so I suspect your man was hit with the norwalk virus that’s been running rampant around town through Christmas. My kid had it too and he was beaten down for three days, same effects.
      Sorry we ran out of p-fries – they’re a heavy seller at the best of times and we’ve been crazy busy through December. We use local ingredients, but local producers aren’t always able to deliver on a weekend.
      Come back soon! :)

      • I’m pretty positive myself there wasn’t anything wrong with the bennys! It’s too good. We will be back to try dinner sometime!

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