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Hawksworth: New Year’s brunch

Hawksworth: (A) 801 West Georgia Street (N) 604-673-7000


How to cure a hangover and celebrate the start of a brand new year? In my humble opinion, you eat good food. Period. End of story. And that’s exactly we did. Came home at 5 am, slept in till 1 pm, arrived at Hawksworth and called it a day. There’s no other way to start of a brand new year than to eat good.


  • Mimosa ($12): Because there is no other way to start of your already hungover morning.
  • Fresh Squeeze Orange Juice ($5): My boyfriend is a wuss and went with orange juice without the booze.
  • House Chorizo Hash ($19): Sunny side eggs, grilled fennel, smoked tomato vinaigrette. A pretty good dish in my opinion, but it’s still ordinary. I do love the avocado slice on the side.
  • Dungeness Crab & Jalapeno Spaghettini ($26): Side stripe shrimp, fennel, lemon. Omg this was so good. I never opt for pasta right in the morning, especially not with a mimosa. Originally I wanted the benedict, but my boyfriend pointed out a good hard fact and said “don’t order something you can get anywhere else”. Argh yes. He’s right. And this was so worth it. A pricey dish for brunch though, but oh wow wow, the sauce is so amazing!


  • Dinner menu looks amazing!!! I must try!! Boyfriend pointed out how they have Hamachi Crudo on the menu, that’s soo on my list. Initially, we wanted to dine here for New Year eve but they were completely booked up.
  • David’s Hawksworth restaurant, he was named Vancouver Chef of the Year. More about him here
  • Restaurant design is amazing. I am so in love with that chandelier.

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