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Fresgo Inn Restaurant & Bakery: Now this is a diner.

Fresgo Inn Restaurant & Bakery: (A) 10102 King George Hwy, Surrey (N) 604-588-0878

I feel like this place would be a HIT, if it’s really really amazing. I don’t know if it’s the oldest restaurant in Surrey, but the style of the restaurant definitely is still there among being a diner. The minute you walk in you will notice cafeteria style window for ordering, make the payment and get a number. Once your food is ready they will call out your number over the microphone. Pretty cool, since I’ve never eaten at this kind of establishment before. It was super busy the Sunday afternoon we went.


  • Mushroom Burger ($8.49): The most mushrooms I’ve ever seen on the face of a burger. It’s pretty scary actually. My boyfriend almost for a second thought this was ONLY a mushroom burger with no meat because it was completely COVERED in mushrooms. Safe to say, there was a beef patty in there somewhere. Phew. A pretty decent burger in my opinion. For the price, it’s HUGE. The burger itself was so big, they gave him a separate plate for his fries that came with his meal. Now that’s a worthy under $10 meal.
  • Roast Beef Dip ($9.95): I don’t know why I’ve been having these weird beef dip cravings. But I think, the next time I come here, I’ll stick to the burgers. The beef dip was okay, gravy was reaaaaaly good. But I’m missing my burgers, that’s all. Just too plain for me. The fries here are awesome as well!


  • Super cheap huge portions food located in the “downtown” district of Surrey. I can’t believe I just typed that.
  • They make fresh bakeries in the house, I really wanted to try their pies. I was so full though.. WHATS HAPPENING TO ME! I’m getting weak!!!
  • The old location use to be on Denman, near Stephos.

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