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Nagoya Sushi: Take out. Cause my winter break was all laziness. No shame.

Nagoya Sushi: (A) 9175 148th Street, Surrey (N) 604-585-6040


As I am writing this post, I feel bad for what’s about to happen. Ummm, please excuse me while I try to remember what I ate above. Opps. No dice. I should honestly try a bit harder next time. Don’t worry, my first nagoya sushi experience dining at home was superb. I’ll probably venture out to the restaurant one of these days. The rolls were awesome. FYI, if you call a roll “crazy” they will deep fry that roll for you. I LOVE IT! I wish the same rule applies to human. Hey you, can I get a CRAZY boyfriend. Thanks.

A bit expensive for all that, came to $60-70 bucks. I swear there’s cheaper sushi restaurants around Surrey if the price range are what you’re after.

Nagoya Sushi on Urbanspoon

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