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No.1 Beef Noodle House: I guess they can claim to be #1

No.1 Beef Noodle House: (A) 4741 Willingdon Ave (N) 604-438-6648


Crap. This post is old. It’s been sitting in my draft for almost 2 weeks now. My bad. Well, look at what we have here. The number 1 beef noodle house. When you claim to be #1, you better know what you’re getting yourself into. Though, after my first few bites, I do think it deserves to be a bit cocky as it wants. I wouldn’t know a true authentic taiwanese beef noodle until I travel half the world away, it’s only then can I say it’s the #1. But for Burnaby, I’ll let them get away with that title. The broth was the best beef noodle broth I had yet.


  • Beef Brisket Noodle in Spicy Soup ($6.95): To my extreme surprise, the soup broth was pretty spicy. I don’t know if it’s me or the restaurant, but heck I regret opting for the “spicy” soup. I’m getting soft recently when it comes to spiciness. Don’t even ask me why, I’m pretty ashamed of myself too. Well, the server asked me if I wanted the thick noodle or the thinner ones, and I thought for a second she was talking about the thick rice noodles which I love, so I agreed to the thick noodles. Um. Dumb me. It wasn’t rice noodles (duh) and the thicker noodles weren’t my thing. It was too hard and chewy. The bowl looks small, don’t let the picture fool you. IT’S HUGE.
  • Beef Brisket & Tendon in Soup ($9.95): This was on the top 10 items menu that was hung on the wall. So I’m assuming the bowl earned it’s spot up there for a reason! Bf wanted to try their rice and I was all like in my Hitler’s voice ‘uh you’re coming to a beef noodle house and you want RICE, no you don’t, get their noodles” Seriously though. I have a Hitler’s voice. I like his broth waaaay better than mine, it wasn’t spicy so I tasted all the amazing flavours of the soup. Love the regular noodles too!! Regarding the “beef brisket”, it’s not really beef brisket.
  • Shanghai Style Dumplings ($5.25): We we’re surprised to see this on the menu. Since my bf, whom is totally in love with these dumplings more than he is with me, we had to order it even though our tumm-tumm were both stuffed. The dumplings took an extremely long time to come out. Almost made me mad until the very last minute when the server brought it out in the same container it was steamed in, to make me realize, it had to been steamed to order. IT WAS BUMBLING HOT, so desirable like that. Dumplings were really good, but not as good as this secret location in Richmond, I’ll let you in on that secret one day.


  • Service was okay, took a while for them to bring out our water and also they forgot my hot sauce. I even asked twice, but nope no hot sauce for me that day.
  • Parking can be an asshole if this place is busy. Or even if it’s not busy, it still can be an asshole.
  • They have wifi. Yes, I am in awe of restos that provides wifi thanks for letting me beat my bf at Scramble with Friends. PS: If you wanna get schooled and have an excuse to cry to your mommy — add me: teelaa

    No.1 Beef Noodle House 京園牛肉麵 on Urbanspoon

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