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Deer Garden Signatures: I found my new tomyum spot.

Deer Garden: (A) 2015-8580 Alexandra Road, Richmond (N) 6042789229

For the picky eaters (no onions, extra cilantro, extra extra hot sauce, the fattest piece of beef), this is a good sign. I did not just described myself.
Noodle combination comes with a free hot drink, extra for cold drinks.
THAI TOM YUM ($8.50)
Korean style sweet potatoes crystal noodles, beef tongue, enoki mushrooms. Noodles were amazing, beef tongue excellent. Huge bowl. Not a chance anything went to waste.
LAKSA ($8.50)
Instant noodles, beef brisket, fish puff.
All side orders with signatures noodle combo are under $2.

For a loyal devotee of Cattle Cafe, I have to say with no regrets that Deer Garden just swept me off my feet and blown me away. For starter, the service was better because the do it yourself sheet made it a heck lot easier. Thanks for understanding what extra cilantro means. The toppings are far more favourable. The noodles choices, like the Korean crystal is preferred. Where as, Cattle Cafe charges more for certain noodles. The soup broth and the sides in my opinion surpass Cattle Cafe. Need I say more?!

Deer Garden Signatures 鹿園魚湯米線 on Urbanspoon

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