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Sushi Tengoku: Super mad sushi cravings.

Sushi Tengoku: (A) 10194 152 St, Surrey (N) 6045849787
Japanese noodle with grilled chicken & vegetable in a gourmet soup.
Probably the most appetizing Chicken Udon I had ever seen.
Spicy tuna with special sauce on top.
TON KATSU ($9.99)
Deep fried breaded pork with special sauce.

What happens when I leave Vancouver for a month? I developed the greatest love and appreciation for sushi! That’s what. So our first meal back at 10 PM? You bet cha. Thank god Sushi Tengoku was open, the only restaurant opened perhaps. Good god, because I really needed some. I put crackheads to shame with my eating cravings.

My boyfriend told me they just recently changed their menus again, but I don’t know man it looks the same to me and besides, I have no idea whats up with this place. I think the location, no matter what it was, back when it was still Anducci, and then something else; this place has gone through a lot of crap. I mean quite literally, business for this spot was always cursed! It’s been horrible, so seeing that Tengoku was packed on a Friday night made me all warm and fuzzy, for the owners of course. Not for sushi. (ok fine how about for both)

The food was really good, I am quite surprised at how much effort they put into changing their special menu. Definitely recommend taking a lot at that. It’s a bit cheaper than Akasaka right across, which is always a plus. Also opens pretty late.

My last visit.

Sushi Tengoku on Urbanspoon

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