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Desi Dosa Madras: First Dosa dining

Desi Dosa Madras: (A) 8859 120th Street, Surrey (N) 604-591-1591
Drove all the way to Newtown (about 20 minutes from my side of Surrey) for this, I am feeling the need to explore the different cultures of this town. So much to offer.
Sort of like a crepe, but thinner. It’s huuuuge but not as much filling. The batter isn’t really my type of dough. It’s a bit sour?! Chicken was delicious.
It’s safe to say this thing is bigger than both of our heads combined. Sauces and soup comes with the dosa. They also have vegetarian dosa.
Wasn’t a fan of anything on here, apparently this was the more popular dish too.

I love Indian cuisine. Love the spices, love the yogurt, love the naan and rice. Love it all. But, I am probably not a huge fan of South Indian cuisine, the flavours aren’t strong enough. Everything I had was like soury or tasteless. Anyway I will definitely be willing to give dosa a try again. How do you turn down that?! Size does matter.

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