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Granville Island: Shopping for dinner! It’s a good day.

Oyama Sausage Co is my fave place forever. I cannot get enough of the pate. We took home duck with Grand Marnier. Enjoy their amazing selection of sausages as well.
Tried Muffin Granny for the first time. They were out of the items I wanted…
But there was still a blueberry oatmeal! It was huge and tasty.
Stopped by at Armandos for some take home meat.
Try their pepproni stick in honey & garlic and orginal. It was a-okay.
Zara’s Deli got some fresh pasta salads I am always eyeing for
TA DA! I made my bf stop by at walmart right before we got home so I can buy plates. Presentation is huge in my book. If it doesn’t taste good, at least it looks good!
But of course, my cooking is beyond amazeballs. Pancetta & proscuitto stuffed chicken with gorgonzola cheese risotto. Can’t forget the vino.

There’s something I love about Granville Island. I’ve done so many post on the full adventures of what this market has to offer. I know even then these posts will always be endless. There’s something I love about walking into a huge market, with good company like my boyfriend, probably with an ice cream cone already in our hands. Deciding what direction to go, left or right, but you’ll never be wrong; your wants & needs, it’s all in one place. With choices beyond choices. Picking out your bread, cheese, sauces, fruits. Backpedaling outdoor to the water, and the people, the birds even. Taking our food home and the rest is history. I can’t say it enough, this place is heaven for foodies. We always drive up here just this & it’s always worth the drive.

Muffin Granny on UrbanspoonArmando's Finest Quality Meats on UrbanspoonZara's Deli on UrbanspoonDussa's Ham and Cheese on Urbanspoon

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