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Miura Waffle Milk Bar: Not worth a parking ticket…

Miura Waffle Milk Bar: (A) 829 Davie Street, Vancouver (N) 604-687-2909


We had our name on the wait list for Twisted Fork, having to kill one hour you know the typial me thing to do.. go venture out for something quick to eat because the smart university student brain of mine knew 1 hour + 30 minutes wait for my food means one grumpy bitch. Anyways. I’ve heard about this place and I love waffles, there wasn’t a line up which means it should be QUICK right? noOOOOO..

Wrong. We ordered right away, paid… and waited. 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes for a freaking WAFFLE?!?! Now you’re really testing my patience. I’m not program to endure such frustrating time especially when we’re talking waffles and I’m talking hungry. They either need more waffles machine or more hands, I don’t know which one they’re missing but it’s seriously annoying.

So 30 minutes up, I had to say something and told them I have a parking meter I have to pay for and I had no IDEA waffles would take 30 minutes to make. They told me to wait another 15… are YOU CRAZY?! Asked politely if it’s okay to get my money back then because I HAVE A PARKING METER TO PAY FOR.

They finally made my order as soon as I said I wanted a refund, waffles came out and it looked like that ^. Let’s just say I am not happy finding a parking ticket because I had to wait for these waffles that are uncooked and unsatisfying…. argh

(I know this may be a bit harsh because I had a bad experience and it’s not ALWAYS like this, and maybe their waffles are good other times but I always SPEAK from my OWN experience, hence it is MY blog so please don’t tell me otherwise)

Miura Waffle Milk Bar on Urbanspoon

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  1. Huhhhh? Whip cream and strawberries? 45 minutes? O_O
    I found out about this place and wanted to see if it was good. I didn’t know you blogged!

    • Omg, yeah I’m more pissed because I got a parking ticket out of those waffles hahahaha but whatever.

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