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Indochine Kitchen + Bar: Phomn Penh’s family?

Indochine Kitchen: (A) 1 E Broadway, Vancouver (N) 604-568-0828

The menu consists of a truly special lineup of South East Asian cuisine drawing flavors and influences from Thai, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.
Buttery slices of raw beef in a citrus Vietnamese vinaigrette, garlic chips and cilantro.
Garlic chips and lemon pepper dipping sauce.
BEEF LUC LAC ($10.50)
Vietnamese and French style stir fried steak cubes in a rich garlic butter soy sauce. Served with tomato fried rice or French baguette.

I’ve heard Indochine is actually owned by Phomn Penh’s son. It might be a rumour but it’s believable, hence all the popular dishes (butter beef & chicken wings) were all just as enjoyable as Phomn Penh’s. The wings still can’t be on Phomn Penh level 100% but it’s quite there, and you can have it without the long line up, the sharing tables with strangers because there isn’t enough seats, the hustle servers. It’s a great drinking place to catch the game. Especially on Wednesday, where the wings are half price.

Just a note, the bo luc lac is totally off. Because it is a fusion restaurant, I can’t complain about the authenticity but the flavours are nowhere near as good as Phomn Penh. Still everything was enjoyable and I’d come back to check out the other items on the menu, they’re actually quite interesting. Poutine with fried egg? Argh I die.

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