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Nuba: Long lost family

Nuba: (A) 207 W Hastings St, Vancouver (N) 604-688-1655

What do you get when you combine the freshest organic and local ingredients, handpicked daily, and food made to order on the spot? Well, you get Nuba.
Mount Lehman chicken breast skewers served with hummus and avocado.
Organic greens, tomato, cucumber, green onion with a garlic-lemon-sumac dressing and pita chips. Pretty sad I didn’t order the cauliflowers now.
Sautéed minced lamb with onions, pine nuts and spices. Served with hummus.
Made with rosewater and cardamom. The coffee took a while to make, and in desperation to leave early, I almost told the waitress to cancel my order. When she told me there’s a delicate way of brewing the coffee; something like 4 times — made to order. I had to wait for it. Best decision of my life? Yep. This coffee was THE BEST coffee I had to date in Vancouver. Truly.
Regret that I was in a major rush for this dinner, didn’t have enough time on hand to order some of their other specialities. I have to come back for that lamb. Omg. I know. I need that lamb in my life. The food at Nuba is amazing.

It is the simplest of meals made with the simplest of ingredients, but I’m positive I could never replicate it at home. And that’s pretty much what I’m looking for in a restaurant meal. All meats are halal, non-medicated, and hormone free. 4 other locations which serves up lunch & juice bar.

Oh and regarding the title. I meant to say it somewhere in my post but I got tangled up drooling over my own pictures. Nuba is a lost long family of mine.

I’m pretty sure of it.

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