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Body Energy Club Juice Bar: Great

Body Energy: (A) 428 Robson Street, Vancouver (N) 604-559-5667

Again, I’m pretty choked up how these places all popped up at once after I moved out. Anyhow, I didn’t try the smoothies I’ll do that one day. CAME HERE ENTIRELY FOR… . wait for it…. *drum roll please* wait for it again…
Have I ever told you how much I love Quest bars?

I don’t think I have.

Well if there’s one protein bar I can marry, this would be “the one”. No sugar (soooo important), low carbs, lots of protein, natural ingredients, gluten free, AMAZING FLAVOURS. They won my love after the strawberry cheesecake thing. Completely swept me off my feet.

I know it’s kind of socially unacceptable I feel this way about a protein bar but it does live up to the hype. I SWEAR!

Body Energy Club Juice Bar on Urbanspoon

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