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Nuba {restaurant}

Nuba: (A) 1206 Seymour St (N) 604-371-3266

Crispy cauliflower tossed with lemon and sea salt, served with tahini [VE+GF]
Grilled Mount Lehman chicken breast marinated in paprika, thyme, lemon and garlic confit with hummus [GF]

At Nuba we donโ€™t believe in a cookie cutter kind of model. Each location is run by an independent management team. While all menus contain the traditional Lebanese staples, they also feature local re-interpretations of traditional and modern Lebanese dishes that our creative kitchen teams put together for you.
Nubaโ€™s Lunch menu is available at our Gastown, Kitsilano, Main Street, and Yaletown locations.

I believe we all have established here that I love Nuba, would eat Nuba all day, every day.. if my pocket, gas, and boyfriend would allow it.

(Came here for lunch during the summer with my gf, noted I’ll be back at Nuba very soon. Forgot how much I missed the cauliflower till 5 seconds ago)

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