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Karmavore Cafe {restaurant}

Karmavore Cafe: (A) 610 Columbia Street (N) 604-527-4212

Karmavore just recently reopened their vegan shop as a dessert cafe. I thought they were doing really well, but still missed the old little grocery underneath. They no longer sell food, just dessert.. kind of disappointing but hey, we here at FatPanda are always welcoming desserts with open arms.
Both gluten free & sugar free. The matcha rice crispee is a favourite of mine, I always get it from the Coffeebar in Gastown. Didn’t realize there’s other retailers.. so that makes me happy. Lavender cluster was off for me.. I rather visit Cloud 9 bakery in NW for their GF stuff.

If you didn’t know.. unfortunately Karmavore was sadly affected by the huge fire outburst that happened to NW recently. Hopefully they are all good to go soon! Best wishes to the eatery and all the businesses affected.

Karmavore Cafe on Urbanspoon

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