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Penticton {things to do}

The great giant peach stand that’s been here since forever!
Penticton beach is so nice, the water was warm and gentle, perfect for boating, parasailing and what not! There is a lot of on sites that offer those services, too bad we didn’t have much time. The beach is usually jam-packed!
Ice cream along the strip, it’s a loooooong walk back & fourth but there’s bicycles you can rent. Some bicycles even accommodate up to 14 people!
I love all these stands just smack right on the beach. We need that in English Bay.. yea? Tickleberry have over 75 flavours of ice cream, stop in there to try one or two out!

My first time in Penticton, we made a quick stop here to eat lunch and enjoy some of the weather before heading back to Vancouver. It was a bit more quieter just because it was a Monday after long weekend. I love this place, definetely will come back next year and try that lazy river!

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