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Kafka’s Coffee and Tea {restaurant}

Kafka’s Coffee: (A) 2525 Main St, Vancouver (N) 604-569-2967

Of course, even on my birthday I had to get my coffee fix.
I don’t know what it is about our coffee shops here in Vancouver. I couldn’t believe the different set of culture coffee can bring together, all of us under one roof. As I walked into Kafkas, I was taken away by how entirely busy the shop was, not much room to sit anywhere. There are people studying, some playing cards (lol), some dates, some alone.

But then again, I guess that’s why I love coffee so much.

“We’re serious about coffee and not much else.” – Kafkas

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  1. Susie H.

    I’m afraid I might have become addicted to this cafe. I just love the vibe and it’s a great place to study too. Sometimes I forget that time actually passes and I should give up my spot for some other caffeine junkie:) I would always get espresso based beverages like latte or cappuccino, but not too long ago I decided to broaden my coffeerizons and try something new. Since then I only get drip brew. It is SO GOOD! I love that there are so many lovely coffee spots in Vancouver. Not only do I enjoy the taste of what I buy, but it also feels nice to support smaller local businesses. Happy late B-day by the way!

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