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The Factory {restaurant}

The Factory: (A) 1017 Granville St (N) 604-669-9463

The Factory is another restaurant on Granville strip that does cheap eats. It’s cool that they serve water out of a bottle (unless you’re craving..)
4, yes 4 sandwiches in one! A blt, a cheeseburger, crispy onion strings, nestled between two perfectly toasted grilled cheese sandwiches.
The most expensive thing on the menu, the entire menu is $5.95. Huge yes, appetizing? It was alright, I had better at montanas surprisingly. I think it would be pretty good to make at home too. Challenge accepted.

Much like their sister restaurant, The Famous Warehouse, every item on the menu is $5.95. I wouldn’t travel to downtown just to eat this, but being that I just got off work late with the girls.. this was a good choice. Food was mediocre but what more do you expect?

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