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Al Porto Ristorante {restaurant}

Al Porto Ristorante: (A) 321 Water St (N) 604-683-8376

After the mystery murder event at science world (btw it was boring) I decided I wanted to be fat for dinner and have some pasta and wine with cheese.
Okay, so.. we all had our fair share of complimentary breads. Some better than others. Some that was so delicious you wanted to order a second serving but you hold yourself off because you just don’t want to look like a fatass, except at Olive Garden. Go nuts. And some… YOU FIND A PIECE OF GLASS IN THE BREAD. More on that later.. Yes I am creating a suspense, see that?
tomato, garlic, basil, olive oil, parmesan
chicken, sweet pea, mushroom, garlic, cream sauce
grilled tenderloin medallions, shaved parmesan

Food was pretty decent, I have no complaints about that. The beet risotto was DELICIOUS, it kind of blew me away.. but you and I both know my love for beets. Anyways, the whole ideal about finding a piece of glass in my food.. completely threw me off. I’m not even the type of person to make a big deal out of small thing, but this isn’t like forgetting my ketchup. I know mistakes happen but if that ever happened at MY restaurant, I would’ve treated the guests differently. Probably the entire meal would’ve been free. I didn’t even get an apology from the chef nor the management. We received a complimentary dessert… and oh well… I guess a chocolate cake the size of my thumb really makes up for me chewing on a piece of glass in my mouth.

*insert sarcasm*

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