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CHAU VeggiExpress {restaurant}

CHAU VeggiExpress: (A) 5052 Victoria Dr, Vancouver (N) 604-568-9508

I can’t even start explaining how long it took to convinced my boyfriend we needed to try this place. I actually had to take some convincing myself, vietamese food without MEAT?!?!? How does that even work?
Fresh rolls, steamed lemongrass tofu, green leaf lettuce, cucumber, quinoa, crispy wheat center rice paper. Oh my god. I am blown away in vegan heaven.
Seasonal vegetables, peanut sate sauce, greens, sunflower, seasame seeds, kale, rice. The FIRST TIME EVER my boyfriend had a dish without meat and he LOOOOOVED IT! I shit you not. The bowl was full of flavours & healthy!
And of course, I just couldn’t believe myself. A vietnamese restaurant without meat? What the heck does the broth taste like? I wasn’t hungry but I am intrigued so I ordered a side bowl of broth and adsajklsdakas I am.. whats a new word for blown away? I been saying that a lot here. I don’t know, just blown away. It was exactly like a real bun bo broth.. holy #$@#%

“CHAU veggiexpress is a local community based vegetarian eatery serving primarily vegan dishes inspired by our vietnamese roots in family and culture. By preserving traditional vietnamese flavors and serving local source produce. Everything you see here on the CHAU VEGGIEXPRESS menu is vegetarian friendly! We do not use any meat/fish products even when it comes to stocks and sauces. The fish sauce we serve is a recipe that we have created which tastes just like fish sauce, but without the fish!”

The service was extremely good! I had no idea what to order, server went through the entire menu with me explaining every item, like every single item. And don’t even get me started on next door…

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