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Trees Organic Coffee {restaurant}

Trees Organic Coffee: (A) 321 Water Street (N) 604-633-3880


Ahhhh, haven’t blogged in a century and a half it feels like. Shit, my bad. I hate this time of the year.. I’m caught up in exams, work, CHRISTMAS, damn holidays. I know I’ve been gone for a while, but I promise I probably won’t be updating reguaraly till after the new year. Have I mentioned how much I despite holidays? I love it for the food and family, but Christmas is STRESSFUL. Just the other day, it took me nearly 2 hours to get out of downtown traffic and yeah I kind of hate people right now.

Anyways, don’t know if they have pumpkin cheesecake anymore at Trees Organic but if they do……. you better start running those tiny feet of yours and get them in your mouth ASAP. Feed me some if you want.

(PS: the fact that my MacBook pro charger went psycho on me and died a few weeks ago also contributes to the reason why I have not been blogging, blame the fact that apple charges $100 !!!!!!!!!!! for a MacBook charger. Like for real bro? I paid big bucks for a laptop and you’re being a Nazi about chargers?)

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