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Peaceful Restaurant {restaurant}

Peaceful Restaurant 和平飯店: (A) 532 W Broadway (N) 604-879-9878

Home to the famous Guy Fieri noodles house it’s what they should rename the restaurant. It’s seriously advertised everywhere in the restaurant as if they didn’t know we came here because of Guy Fieri. And yeah, DAMN YOU Guy.
Stewed beef in a dark spicy broth, spinach & cilantro
Five-spiced beef rolled in a crispy green onion flat-bread & sweet hoisin sauce
filled with minced pork, ginger and a savoury a sauce – 8pcs

You did not disappoint me Guy. Out of all the restaurants you’ve been to, I would have to say this one made the list. Sure Red Wagon is delicious, actually very freaking delicious. But I walked out the door inhaling 200 lbs of duck fat and pork belly fat. Yeah, Peaceful is a chinese restaurant and outcomes shall be the same.. but the food was on point. Noodle soup broth was weird for me, I thought it was a spicy broth but it was sweet and I just don’t do sweet broths. Just weird. BEEF ROLLS WERE OUT OF THIS WORLD!! I can see why people would line up for this. XLBS were pretty good, I wanted to try their stir noodles, but so many options and not enough bellies.

PS: When Guy retires, which he should soon. I want to sign up for his job.

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  1. Kim H.

    Try the kung pao chicken- its so good, spicy and full of peanuts, the chicken is cooked perfectly. And ginger beef is great, with these fresh julienne veg on top that goes so well with the sweet and spicy beef. Both dishes are so fresh and good, which is really weird for Chinese food lol.

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