No sweat to stress

When stress kicks in, your body is in survival mode. Chronic stress with little or no relief distresses the body that eventually leads to adverse health conditions. In fact, nine out of ten patients who visit the doctor’s office are for stress-related ailments and complaints, according to Mayo Clinic. Don’t fall prey to stress. Here are Mayo Clinic’s 4A’s of Stress Management in a nutshell to get you over stress.

  1. Avoid. Choose your battles rather than facing all potential stress sources that come your way. Take control of surroundings. Don’t jump into situations that you know will drive you nuts. Learn to say no. Say ‘no’ especially when you have too much on your plate. Delete and delegate. Learn to trust

your peers and delegate tasks.

  1. Alter.

If stress originates from an outside factor, don’t wait until it blows up in your face. Communicate feelings respectfully. Find good timing and properly communicate how you feel in certain situations. Ask for change. Open a discussion among your peers to create a better scenario in the future. Manage time better. Prioritize and organize your tasks to avoid getting overwhelmed.

  1. Adapt.

If you fail to prevent a stressor from getting to you, adapting is the next step. Be realistic. Things beyond your control will occur, so stop striving for 100 percent perfection and don’t sweat the small stuff. Stop negative thoughts. Don’t replay the stressful situation in your head, think progressively, and focus on a solution. Look at things in a better light. Consider the ‘good’ in every ‘bad’ msituation. I once talked to my friend, who is the best man in our friend’s wedding. He was preparing his best man speech but the wedding did not push through.

  1. Accept.

There are things beyond our control. Let go and accept the things the way they are. Talk to someone. You’re not alone in the struggle. You have your loved ones who would be more than willing to share the burden. Forgive. Escape from the negative energy of  holding a grudge and it will grant you peace in life. Practice positive self-talk. Pump yourself up with positive words. Who else will better encourage you than yourself? Keep the faith. The connection with your spirituality will be a good source of strength through these times.