Longer Hours Doesn’t Equal Better Results


Your business is growing and you need to keep the money flowing. In order to handle the marketing, clients, operations business and more you feel that you have to put in more hours of work and more tasks in your academic diary. As you work longer you might actually make less money per hour. Thus longer hours doesn’t mean you are getting better results.
A survey conducted by Schwab Institute longer hours doesn’t mean better pay or results. The surveyed investors and found that those who worked 10-15 hours more a week earned less money per hour. In other words, they earned 33% less per hour than those who worked normal hours.

Since children many of us have been taught that if we work hard and long we will be rewarded with the results. The results in this case are a stronger business, more money and a better of style of living. As entrepreneurs we feel that we have to conquer and solve all the problems of our business. However, at some point we become unproductive.

Productivity requires that we are well rested mentally and physically. After 8-10 hours our minds begin to wonder no matter how much we desire to succeed or how focused we are on the task. In the end we find that we are doing less, making more mistakes and not using our time wisely.

The natural decision to keep working on tasks that are sitting before us sometimes causes us a great deal of harm. As we put in our 12 hour days we may find that we are alienating our friends and our family. As they pull away from us because we no longer spend much time with them we may begin to feel as though our business is more of a prison than an actual blessing.

Likewise physically we are giving ourselves the opportunity to sleep, rest, eat and exercise the way we should. Failure to maintain an appropriate work-life balance can cause of to lose our motivation and health. Once those are gone you won’t have much of a business to speak of. No one wants to go to a place they hate.

The whole goal of having a business is to increase your standard of life. To many of us that may mean more control over our daily lives, more money, more prestige and more time. However, once we actually get into the nitty gritty of running a business we may find that we have less time and energy than we did before. Perhaps we might even worry more than we did before. Balance your life and you will have higher productivity.

Alert to Parents About Their Kids and Drugs

I am not a parent but I’m a twenty-two year old that has struggled with drug addiction since I was sixteen years old. I smoked my first joint at age ten and then when I was sixteen started using ecstasy and pills. I’m writing this article because sometimes I feel like parents are naïve. They tend to think their children would never do drugs because they grew up in good homes etc. Well I grew up in a good home and I have a brother who is a police officer and I still did it. Frankly I hid it very well for a long time. Be carefull on what your kid puts on her face. Search for the best vitamin c serum for face and you can never go wrong. When I was sixteen and started using ecstasy, I only did it a few times because ecstasy is considered an upper much like cocaine. I preferred downers like marijuana and prescription pills. Xanax was my pill of choice and within six months of taking it, I was completely addicted. I’ve had many car accidents due to the xanax and my parents have found me in my room twice unconscious from taking to much. It’s been a hard battle to beat the addiction but I did. I just want to warn parents. A big thing for me was I always felt like I couldn’t talk to them. It’s so important to keep the lines of communication open with your children and make them feel loved no matter what. Most importantly never give up on them. Here are some of the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use.

First, changes in friends, always know who your children are hanging out with. Secondly, when your child begins to skip school and their grades decline. I dropped out when I was sixteen, which I will always regret. Thirdly, when your child becomes increasingly secretive about their possessions. This obviously means they have something to hide. Fourth, when your child starts to ask for more and more money. Remember when your child is doing drugs they will lie right to your face. They will tell you the money is for the movies or for a c.d , well if you think their doing drugs ask for receipts. The fifth sign is obvious if you find drug paraphernalia such as pipes or rolling papers, this is a clear sign your child is using. The sixth sign is bottles of eye drops. When I smoked pot and even when I was doing ecstasy eye drops got rid of the redness and the dilated pupils. The seventh sign is missing prescription drugs. In my case, my mother took xanax for anxiety and for me it was much easier and cheaper to steal her pills then to buy them off the street.

When your child is using drugs don’t put anything past them. They will do anything to get the drugs including lying and stealing. Always remember this though people don’t do drugs because they are happy. Their is always an underlying problem that their trying to run from or trying to numb the bad feelings. The worst times of my addiction were when my parents, who had been married for more than thirty years separated and were considering divorce. I basically hit rock bottom. As parents please watch and observe your children, talk to them early about drugs and how bad they are and most importantly always let them know how much you love them.
By: Shannon Larrabee

Obama Recovery Logo and Branding

First, I want to point out I placed this in the opinion section for a reason. As a common, stay at home mother who has recently embarked on freelance to supplement income for the extras her family needs, I am the market this logo idea is targeted at. By writing this, in some small way I am letting my voice be heard. If you oppose, leave a comment. If you agree, leave a comment. If you don’t care, well you probably already clicked on the next link anyway.
Obama has had two logos made to indicate the serious attention he is giving the current economic recession. We slapped that logo on water bottles custom label. The idea is that the logo will speak to the American public and mean something to us. That seeing this logo will inspire us. Make us feel better when the milk costs a quarter more than what we have in the budget to spend.

What feelings and thoughts do the logo actually inspire in me, the average American woman?

Baloney. Hogwash. Propaganda. Those are the first three words that came to mind as I read the article about the logo’s. Someone should really explain to him he won the election, and like it or lump it, we have to give him time to make a difference. Putting out pretty logo’s or decorated words are not going to give me any more confidence in him than if he sent us all a personal letter apologizing for the mess America is in financially.

Apologies and logo’s are not what the average American is looking for when they are in a budget crisis. When there are people unhappy with their jobs but terrified to put out resumes or accept a better position because that puts them at the bottom of a ladder that could topple. When people may miss out on vacations with the family this year because there is barely enough left to pay bills much less, do anything extra. With warm weather and summer around the corner people are already fretting about what ungodly level the gas is going to skyrocket to this year!

If anything, putting a logo out there just goes to show those of us who may be clueless, if that is possible, to the economy that we are in the midst of a bigger crisis than originally thought. Why? Well didn’t the Great Depression use a logo? So are we saying this current crisis is that big of a scope? I am aware that this has been the subject of a great many political debates as well as financial articles. But there are people who had managed to flit through their lives without ever giving this a thought. Putting a logo out there is more likely to scare those folks than if they had just remained immune.

I would rather get answers to questions that are plaguing the common working family than a fancy logo that is going to appear on a semi truck or a billboard. How high is gas raising this summer? How many more companies are going to move to overseas and lay off the American blue collar employee? How are the food banks going to help the people that need it when everyone needs it?

Let’s take away the pretty toys and pictures and make some real change! Why is it cheaper for companies to move overseas than stay in the states? Don’t we purchase the products? Aren’t they shipped back in for us to buy after they slapped us in the face and took away our job? Let’s give those companies a boot in the bottom instead of making a logo! Up those import taxes. Make it more expensive for them to bring their finished products back in here to sell to those they can’t employ.

Set a limit on the gas economy. Open up new sources or control the sources we have. It’s not rocket science. For years, we have had laws in effect for average utility companies, put laws and restrictions on gas. Why should they be allowed to raise their rates to 20.00 a gallon overnight when postal companies have to spend months and years begging for an extra nickel on a stamp price? The very people the government and states employ couldn’t afford gas at some point in this last year. There are government and state employees lucky if they make a few bucks over minimum wage at a fast food chain. A lot of these folks even have degrees or high credentials in their fields.

Health insurance is contributing to an unstable economy. Why is it okay to go have seven babies with seven baby daddies and never pay a dime for an insurance but the working class man pays more for his health insurance for his wife and two kids than he does on his mortgage?

Everyone will have their opinions, perhaps some see the logo in a positive light. Perhaps some are embracing this as a sign of change. I am choosing to embrace it as a sideshow. Time and energy that could have been spent making the difference, enforcing plans, and creatively thinking up solutions to problems have been wasted on a pretty sign.

Sources: http://themoment.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/03/10/graphic-content-making-obamas-marks/

A Simple Web Design is the Key to Success

There is no denying the fact that a website’s success depends on its design to a large extent. In fact, a design represents the aim of a business and helps to draw visitors. It can help a website to generate quality traffic and hence make more sales. However, a good and attractive web design is a prerequisite for this. The key to success is to keep the web design simple. Most of the times, people neglect this and in order to make a site look attractive, stuff too many images or other elements in the design. This does not fetch anything. Instead it irks the visitors. It is very much possible to convey the message to visitors with a simple web design.

It is important to remember that a website should be designed from user’s point of view. It is useless to make it complicated by incorporating irrelevant content and images just to make it look attractive. It also slows down the speed of the site. In today’s world, no one has enough time. Therefore, if your site takes time to load, visitors will immediately leave your site. Remember, having a great website is one of the best top digital marketing strategies.

You should focus on developing a simple, user friendly and easily navigable design. Nothing can please a visitor more than an appealing yet easy to understand design. When a visitor lands on a site, his focus is on searching the product he was looking for. Now, if instead of this, he sees a complicated procedure, irrelevant images etc. he is likely to leave the website in frustration. Therefore, ensure that your web design caters to the need of visitors. It should help them go through the site easily without losing track of their position.

Give your design a user friendly look. Incorporate only that much what is really required. Instead of relying on too much flash, make sensible use of other options. The design should be commensurate with the theme of your business. It should convey your business’ objectives to visitors in a clear manner. It is best to keep the design simple, short and user friendly.

Custom website designing can be a quite daunting task. This is why it is always better to hire professional web design company. They have the qualified and experienced web designers who are well versed with the web standards and can provide a quality design based on client’s requirements. Check the track record of the web application development service before hiring.

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The Path to Employment: Searching for Medical Jobs Online

I have been thinking of shifting from pursuing hospitality jobs to a field more related to my degree–the medical industry. You see,  I have been working as supervisor for a hotel and yet I know I need to work on the medical field because I know it is my calling. My friend discussed some points in this big step and she advised me about my search for employment. Here it is:

The internet has radically evolved how we search for medical jobs. Instead of relying on one primary resource (a classified listing of hospital jobs or assistant jobs), we now have a huge amount of career information to work from. There are numerous web 2.0 tools for job searching but it’s not always clear how to make the most of them. One thing is certain; it’s not in your best interest to limit your search to a single website. No matter how good the site may be, it won’t provide you with all the information needed to make a job change.

A common path has emerged; tread often by people looking for work online. It involves three different approaches to an online job search: doing some broad research, checking health care job search engines and targeting people and companies on social networking sites. This broad to narrow method makes the best use of all the available online job resources.

The first step is to research broad topics in your career area of interest. Are you looking for jobs in a specific field, such as nursing jobs? Spend time gathering news and information on the latest trends for nursing positions. Check out lists of best employers to work for or award winning companies. Find salary data, educational requirements and job descriptions of nursing jobs from websites. Are you interested in a particular company? Review company websites to find out their mission and read their news feeds. Include professional association and colligate websites in your search, especially those that have forums or blogs. Are you willing to make a move? Research the cost of living for a move across the country and check school rankings or the average temperature in winter. Look at all relevant sites that will help you make an informed decision about your career goals.

Next, spend time with job search engines and find out what medical jobs are available right now. At this point in the game, you should have specific health jobs in mind. Job search engines are driven by keyword searches and help you find jobs quickly and easily. “Hospital jobs”, “assistant jobs” and “pharmacy jobs” are popular keyword searches. The more specific your search, the more relevant jobs you will find. Health care jobs can be searched by job title, company name, or location. Some job search engines allow you to look up all types of jobs and submit your resume online. Vertical search engines focus only on one category of jobs, such as all health care jobs, executive level jobs, or minimum wage jobs. Job listings can include jobs posted by employers from job boards or those pulled off employer websites by aggregators. Job search engines are the fastest way to find real job openings.

Finally, the fastest growing online resources are social networking sites. Once you’ve targeted specific health jobs, look up companies and their employees to prepare yourself for interviews. Connect with colleagues and recruiters by networking online. Be sure to create a professional profile as employers are also checking social networking sites for prospective employees. Talk directly to hiring managers and find out what type of candidate is preferred. Make a video in addition to your CV or resume and post it for potential employers. Social networking sites provide access to more personal and direct information giving you much greater power over your job search.

Amy Milani manages SEO and PR projects as VP of Marketing and Communications for Career Management Source, a company dedicated to streaming hiring with web based applications. She specializes in the enhancement and analysis of the user experience through website text and design. She has specifically worked on the conception and marketing of online employment since 2005. She has a Ph.D. from the University of Vienna, Austria.

My love from college

The story that you will read includes details not suitable for naïve and primitive readers. This is too private and sizzling hot to handle so if you have a plan to reproduce or share it to others, who don’t belong to this class, forget my name and I’ll forget yours. Thanks!

Do you remember the time when I asked you an undaunted question about loving two different persons at the same time? I gravely defined one as your beloved partner in a relationship while the other was a special someone who had an exceptional place in your heart. Now, it isn’t the case in my peculiar shoes any longer, I already made a move which I think one of the fairest and unlamented decisions I ever made so far in my life. I’m self-assured to say that my heart vigorously beats to someone that I truly and whole-heartedly love; she is Miss Fashionista.

Miss Fashionista is definitely not her real name. She has a rare fair skin, a unique hair strands, a quite pointed nose, thin lips, dazzling eyes, slender body, has an unpredictable weirdness, and love to dress up with all kinds of garments. She has been my consistent schoolmate since first year college in the University of the East and has also been my classmate a year ago. She belongs to the graduating class of 2012, taking up a degree related to mine. She is a key member of a pioneering organization of the university where I myself was also a prime member. She has been my friend since then but supposedly became close friends just a month ago.

During our freshmen’s years, Miss Fashionista has been my secret crush. She has been the apple of my eye inside our classroom, along the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) corridors, in the staircases of Batibot and etc. By just seeing her cheerful face and notable cute smile on a normal weekday, my worries are fading away and my body is starting to pump out. But what can I do? I want to express my feeling of likeness to her but I’m afraid of the words she’ll say in return. I’m just an innocent and arrogant young man who admires her but no guts to face her. I just think that it’s a test of persistence to what and when is the extent of my admiration to her. And so I decided to keep that feeling and have that as a secret.

Then the following year, I suddenly entered in a relationship where I found myself flat. I learned to love somebody more than a friend for the third time around. Yes! I am humble to say that I did love her with all my heart and strived to be happy with her for two years and five months. But like what other relationships have to write, ours marked period. We are now officially separated for your information. It’s exactly a month and five days since we decided to part ways. I decided to break her heart badly because I felt I’m fooling myself if we continue that stupid love. Subsequently, I came up with a decision to straightly walk forward, to face whom my heart beats, and to spill my own hush-hush.

’m in love once again!  I’m now in love with her. Sadly, she didn’t give me any chance to prove my love to her but I understand. That was the time when I got an immense “no” and heard the sentence “we’re just friends!” from her after I personally approached to her, talked about my feelings and begged for her positive response while sitting a meter away from each other. That hurts really but still I understand. I just smiled and laughed to overcome the hopelessness but really my heart almost broken into half and my body was frozen that moment. I know I’m not the right guy that he longed for. I’m not even on the level of her standards. I’m nothing at all. I’m just a friend.  I tried to be okay physically and emotionally. I didn’t look at her for a minute. I didn’t say anything. I even want to bid goodbye. My feet want to walk out but my heart and mind insist. Soon, I took a one big deep breath, realizing nothing happened and nothing was seriously conversed that night in the garden. Until she held on my arms, asked me to look at her, and boldly said “Sorry!”

There are things in life that I can’t hold on forever, no matter how much I fight for it. Meeting that someone whom I called Miss Fashionista and whom I learned to love is just a part of the game that the playful destiny created.

It made me apprehend in the end that the person I thought destined for me wasn’t really meant to stay but only destined to make me feel the love and soon leave me when I have already fallen. It’s not easy to state a reason when you decide to leave the one you love. What they don’t see is the fact that it hurts me even more to hurt someone who doesn’t deserve to be hurt. There are times when I wish that I was limited to certain emotions so that I’ll never have to experience pain, never feel disappointed, and never get my fragile heart broken. Maybe I will just continue on dreaming on and pursue my passion instead of thinking about love. I am young and free and I need to get my goal of knowing web content development. I am learning the tricks through the influence of najlepszy hosting and it makes me sane once in a while.

But I guess learning takes time, mistakes make one’s journey fun and goodbye is not an escape. Life is what we make it; love makes the world go round. So let’s live, love, and take whatever pain it brings. Even though I’ve experienced that awkward moment, still, I’m glad and thankful that we’re good friends.





When I went to see Dali

“Take a trip to Girona and Figueres before heading back home.”  It was a decision I would never regret.


Figueres is a small town in the province of Girona in the Catalonian region of Spain, around 140 km from Barcelona. It would take around two and a half hours to Figueres and Girona via a luxurious bus ride from central Barcelona.

The highlight of a trip to Figueres is a visit to the Dali Theatre and Museum (Teatro Museo Dali), the museum of Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí (more popularly known as Salvador Dali). Acknowledged as the modern-day symbol of surrealism and one of the most important artists of his time, he was born in Figueres in 1904.  The trip we had was made possible by a friend who lease a Juke while we were there so the trip was really smooth.

The museum opened in September 1974 and kept expanding until the mid 1980s, with Dali himself supervising additions to the complex. This popular Figueres landmark is an intoxicating brew that is bound to create a heady mix of eerie fun and euphoria, absurdity and artistry, symbolism and mysticism – in all its floors and sections. With rooms numbered 1-35, the structure displays the single largest and most diverse collection of works by Dali – his paintings, sculptures, installations, three-dimensional collages, mechanical constructions, jewellery and photographs, among others. The museum also houses the crypt which contains Dali’s remains.

Dali sufficiently entices everyone starting from the exterior of the museum – all the way to its most innermost corner or most secluded wall. The exterior alone serves as a very appropriate introduction to Dali’s universe  – as it sufficiently provokes questions and triggers instant discussions. “What are those? What do they mean?” – are commonplace remarks that visitors blurt out when walking to the Museum from the nearby parking lot.

The instant ‘noise’ that surfaces as one stands several meters away from a stoplight to cross the pedestrian lane to the museum is, quite frankly, understandable.  The façade is an interplay of giant eggs, bread and human statues.  Lined up as humongous oval structures on its roof, the eggs signify the birth or origin of ideas. The entire facade is dotted with bread-like ceramics works which adorn all sides of the museum. One will never miss the glass dome cupola as it conspicuously juts out above the entire structure. Completing the visual spectacle are statuette-like human-sized figures  that adorn the upper portion of the structure.


Visited by more than 4, 000 visitors everyday, the Museum is a testament to the genius and the artistry of Figueres’ most iconic son. Quite a prodigious artist,  Dali never stayed in painting alone as he comfortably dabbled in sculpture, theatre, film, fashion and photography.

The indoor spectacle starts at the entrance where one is immediately led to the courtyard. At the center, the courtyard displays an installation inside a full-sized automobile inspired by the movie Rainy Taxi (1938), which Dali himself conceptualized and supervised in his final years.


Picture a dizzying and awe-inspiring interplay of several elements from his life – his allegorical representations, religious allusions, sexual undertones – as Dali  blends the real and surreal, the boring usual and the extremely bizarre. The several square meters spanning the courtyard alone is an opiate to the senses. It demands visual appreciation along with the vital need to suspend disbelief and allow the master to play his artistic symphony to the cadence and  rhythm of his life.

The central part of the museum is actually the town theatre of Figueres which Dali knew as a child – where one of his first public art exhibitions  as an emerging young artist was shown. It was burned during the Spanish Civil War and remained in a state of ruin until 1960, when Dali and the mayor of Figueres decided to rebuild it as a museum to house the collections of its most famous son.

Sailing and traveling


I love sailing!  Before creating your sailing itinerary, be mindful of what’s waiting for you out there. Well, it’s not actually always winter, but since it is naturally covered with ice even in summer, you should set the right schedule of your trip. Of course, Antarctica in winter is much more freezing and lacking in sunlight, so it is important that you ought for the summer of the southern hemisphere—as they stated, “It’s impossible to go outside of that season.” Voyaging through tranquil and fury seas circling the Antarctica continent, an expedition ship is a must for a more intimate travel experience.

Additionally, it lifts the hassle of accommodation and secures your welfare with its facilities that provide comfort and entertainment. “Part of the excitement of traveling to Antarctica is the clear sense that you are stepping into somewhere you were never supposed to be. The environment is extremely inhospitable to humans and the extremes of temperature and the terrain could find any number of ways to hurt you. Having said that, by taking an expedition cruise, rather than any normal ‘pleasure cruise,’ you are placing yourself in the hands of experts who take care of everything and ensure your safety at all times,“ they explained. They said that before doing this, one must be prepared. For instance, they have invested in different cameras catering to their needs. They love how they always have test shots of their cameras. Like the one they bought currently. Mike just had a dashcam test shot for his new gear which he will put front of his steering wheel in his sailboat. He underscored that most people have an inner wanderlust hidden under the pile of paper on their office desk, the bills and expenses waiting in their mailbox, and the anxiety of risking the lives they have grown used to. The idea of traveling around the world is beautiful and enticing yet scary. But, countless travel bloggers have proven its possibility.

The Howes claimed that in order to live a nomadic life, you need to find some ways to sustain yourself in the long run, and begging other people for donations isn’t a great option but, rather, you have to build a good strategy.

“The best advice we can offer is to learn as many useful skills as possible and to think about what kind of skills might be useful to other people. That way, you always have something useful to offer, either in exchange for money, for accommodation, or to teach to others. As you learn more skills, you will start to develop ideas which at some stage could turn into the calling which allows you to lead a truly sustainable nomadic lifestyle,” the duo advised.

If you’re not ready for such lifestyle yet, you can always just go visit places like Antarctica, and well, you might be surprised to realize that traveling isn’t as fearful as it seems to be.


Digital Services Business


A digital service business is one of the ventures that is highly needed nowadays. It can be an online shop business, a digital marketing agency, freelance works. Online services, and many more. With the advent of social media and other digital platforms in on the internet today, it is not surprising that more and more people venture in online business like never before.

But before anything else, before jumping into that big decision if you want to pursue the same pathway of business, you must know yhw basics of having a digital business. First is you need to have an office. A physical or even a rekore one. You need to have a base camp.

And with thay base camp comes the tools needed. Basic and strong wifi signal (I highly recommend you have a wlan access point test first), office supplies, and your team. After that, plan your business structure, delegate task, manage your operrations and find sales. After which, you need to take targets and deliver them while you market your product.

Wannabe Supermodel

I love doing photoshoots. I am a model for almost three years now. Since I graduated from college with a degree in Fashion and Styling, I have always been in love being in front of the camera. I love doing pose, and making a character out of what is required. I have worked with a number of photographers already and I know what they like for a model and what is not. I am just so happy t have worked with many photographers because I learned a lot from them. Most especially Micha, a photographer whom I consider now as friend. She always supports me and makes me feel confidence about myself. The first time we worked together, we doing some fun beach photoshoots and she was using a 360 grad kamera  which is the best 360 camera ever.

It turned so great that my first portrait I hanged it in my room for my daily dose of inspiration. It also paved the way for me to land print magazine jobs and other gigs and I am very thankful of her and the opportunity she gave me. Right now, I am currently working on a coffee table book about a certain hotel and I am happy they got me as their model. I will add this to my growing works and I can’t wait to unleash other opportunities to come my way. Good vibes everyone!