Driving in the city made easy

I know what you feel when you end up being stuck in traffic. Sometimes, you prefer walking than having your car with you for a weekly meeting or a dinner outside. You do not want to be caught up in rush hours or be caught up on the road with a car which does not want to start. Well, Unu Motors feel you.

Every city dweller knows that struggle and I am sure the makers of Unu Motors elektrische scooter have also experienced this one in their lives.

And so they made electric scooters in The Netherlands. They designed it to be an easy option to driving within the city—it has portable batter, free helmet, can be used three days, does not have any noise at all when driving, and has several colors to choose from, depending on your taste.

They have a fast delivery service that is incomparable and is very excellent. A lot of clients love how they handle customer service with great ardour and enthusiasm, and not just some other companies who have staff that are easily annoyed.


Meet Van—My Travel Buddy

When I decided to quit my job and travel, I saved a large amount of my money to buy a camper van. I know that when I travel, I need money for transportation, especially if it’s out-of-town or in another country where I can use land transportation. So I know that investing in a camper van, which shall house all my travel gears and my clothes—pretty much my new home—is definitely a must.

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