A Vow to Eat More Fruits and Veggies This Year

So this is my first blog post. And I want it to be as positive as it can be so we can create good vibes. And now, I am writing (and promising) to eat more fruits and vegetables this year.

Last year, I hopped from one place to another for almost six months. While I enjoyed all the food i tried, from The Philippines adobo, balut, dinuguan, and halo-halo to Bangkok’s Pad Thai and their street foods, I honestly have to say I gained more weight than the past year. Plus, whenever I wanted to be thrifty, I go to convenient stores and just chow down highly-preserved instant noodles and chips to fill in my hungry stomach for the night.

Also, i have been drinking a lot of craft beers and energy drinks when i was travelling. Plus, I tried a lot of coffee variants in almost every cafe I spotted in Paris that I think I neglected my body. I lacked exercise too. Though I have been surfing lately, I know it is not enough to lose the pounds i gained for almost six months of constant traveling and eating!

So for this year, while I am at my parents house trying to think if I should get back to working in the corporate world or just travel and travel till my bank savings run out, i shall vow to eat more fruits and vegetables.

I know, it will be hard. I seldom think of chips and cookies at night! But I need to because I need to start getting healthy again. I mean, I really can’t travel more if I am not healthy and what if something bad happened to me while i am away? my parents will die of heart attack if they find out i have been hospitalized somewhere in Asia or what.

yesterday, I started eating apple for lunch then I had a cucumber smoothie  for dinner. Though i was a bit dizzy when i slept, I woke up a little better. this breakfast I went for apple again and then I had lunch with eggplants and lettuce. It was great though i was secretly wishing to grab some fries in the nearby fast food.

I plan to do this for six months before I start traveling again. i know this will be hard (I’m just in my second day!) but I know I can do this all for my body.

Wish me luck, guys!

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