I Quit My Job And Travel

When I turned 23 two years ago, I decided to quit my job and just travel. And since then, I never regretted anything from that decision. I am living the dream!

I work in a fast-rising financial company for three years. I was accepted for the job as an specialist straight from college and I though it was the pinnacle of adult life. For a couple of months I enjoyed working with the company. However, slowly I realized it was not the right job for me. I mean, I am okay with being a specialist as I get to do the things I had only learned via books when I was in college. But i realized the people, the environment, and the lifestyle is not just me. i cannot wake up everyday doing the same things all over again.

But you see I haven’t left the job until I turned three with the company. I just realized when i turned 23 that i wanted to make a change for my life. I am sick and tired of being in a cubicle all they when to be honest, I was daydreaming of my next vacation abroad. I always look forward to Saturdays and Sundays and holidays because that’s the time i can go to another town or travel in another country.

When i was still working i was able to squeeze in some out of town trips but i guess i needed more. For two years I vowed to save and save until I reached my target savings. A day after my birthday, I turned a new chapter of my life and embraced the lifestyle of traveling. I sold one of my Coal Harbour condos and my belongings.

And I never looked back! I love every single thing that travel has to offer. I get to know more about people and places, as well as their culture. I also love how I get to know more about their livelihood, their food (of course!) and their way of language. I also love that in monetary matters, I do not really have a problem. I love I can still make transaction online even if I am away. There are a lot of companies who now accept credit cards online and that’s really helpful.

Here are the places i have been into for the past two years:

  1. The Maldives
  2. The Philippines
  3. Thailand
  4. Vietnam
  5. Laos
  6. Sri Lanka
  7. Canada
  8. Peru
  9. Argentina

For months I traveled and traveled and documented them through photographs. i am loving every bit of traveling and i think every woman should too!

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