Meet Van—My Travel Buddy

When I decided to quit my job and travel, I saved a large amount of my money to buy a camper van. I know that when I travel, I need money for transportation, especially if it’s out-of-town or in another country where I can use land transportation. So I know that investing in a camper van, which shall house all my travel gears and my clothes—pretty much my new home—is definitely a must.

Meet Van. A shorter name for Vanessa, which is not really quite appealing as a camper van’s name. I bought it from a friend’s father who is a retired engineer. I painted it with a teal color, the same hue I see from the ocean. Teal is also my favourite color, by the way. My sister Tara helped in renovating Van and in putting all my things there. Before that, I sold my old clothes to a thrift shop, as well as my old bags, shoes, and even books! I made a large amount of money by just selling these things. I also donated some books and clothes to a charity house near our village and it’s heart warming.

Inside Van, you will see a small mattress, just perfect for me. I also included a small drawer for my clothes and other things. Now, I only have six shirts, two rash guards, three shorts, two pairs of pants, one rubber shoes, one flip flops, two jackets (one leather and a cream one) and a pair of sweaters.

I loved that I was able to downsize my things. It feels so relaxing and I am at peace.

Also inside Van is a small container where I put my laptop, a small radio, my gadgets (cellphone, speakers and head phone). I also have a small sink and a counter where I can eat. I also invested in a nice tent if I want to set up outside my camper van. I also bought two chairs and a small table.

How about you? Do you have a camper van too? Let me know how to handled shifting from having a job to living in a camper van! Talk to you soon!

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