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So, I need to buy something for my husband, I’m not sure what I should buy him. I’ve been looking at watches. There are some good ones– I’ve been looking at the best watches under 500. I just don’t know if he would ever wear a watch, because he’s not the kind of guy who likes to be to show your snazzy. However, recently we were at a wedding, and I could tell that he was a little bit embarrassed that he seemed to be under dressed compared to a lot of the other guys.

He went out and bought himself a nicer dress shirt and some better pants after that occasion, he does have a very nice jacket, but it is still lacking that extra accessory that makes an outfit like that pop… I don’t know if he would be embarrassed if I bought him something really nice like a $400 watch, but I do think that it is worth investigating if they can be extremely nice and make you feel really good about himself. I mean as a woman who loves jewelry, I can’t help but notice how much better I feel when I have a great accessory on, compared to when I don’t, it’s certain types of events. However, the other option is to do what I always do. Usually, I log on to the website called Survival Cooking. From here, I look at the top rated outdoor gear and camping supplies, and I buy him something that I know he doesn’t have, or that I know his current version of is getting old. For example, I recently got him brand new cooler to replace his old one, and he was thrilled that his old, crappy Coleman cooler had been superseded by this amazing new Yeti. So, I’m not quite sure which road I’ll take yet, but I guess I’m leaning towards the watch? Let me know what you think!



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