Keats Boyd: Seven Year Old to Scale Mt. Kilimanjaro

The question has to be asked if this is his decision, and whether at seven a person knows what they want to do? Bryan Boyd, Keats’s forty four year old father seems satisfied that this is a genuine internally reached decision by his son.
“We have talked about it and he is set on this, I believe this is what he wants to do.” The father is going with him on the climb. This brings up the issue that secondary, how can such a climb be supported? Individuals who wise to contribute to this cause can donate to the climb at: Seeing the interview on Fox News, seeing the genuine nature of this fathers concern, but approval, it is impossible to deduce anything but wise devotion to a dangerous but courageous task.

In an era where victimization is fed to us via the news waves, newspapers and fear propagandists, is this a breath of fresh dedicated air? Keats states that his motivation for the climb is: “I am climbing to benefit Kids of Kilimanjaro, they feed hungry children at 16 pre-primary schools lunch each day. 100% of the money they receive goes to feeding kids, there are no salaries paid to anyone at the charity or at its NGO affiliate. It costs just 20¢ (twenty-cents) to provide the only meal many of these children eat. Because of the success of Kids of Kilimanjaro, the drop-out rate has all but disappeared and the Tanzanian government is opening 15 new schools to accommodate the increased demand.” [Keats, 2008]

The website for this has built in donation systems, levels of donations allotted and the means for those who want to contribute to become involved. Keats states on the site that this cannot be done without the involvement of the people of the world, who he reaches out to. Isn’t it miraculous that such an event is even considered by one so young, without it being the deliberate happenstance of promptings from others? This situation is truly of major import as this young man has reached a decision will beyond his years in maturity, and seems well appraised of the dangers and considerations involved.

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When asked what preparations he has taken Keats calmly explained to the Fox News interviewer that he has visited with doctors and” “I’ve seen the doctors, made sure I am in shape and have gotten my shots.” This response given open eyed and honestly with no hesitation and no loss of eye contact, on a national level interview, positively indicates the genuine nature of this young hero.

In an age when we are told that it is better to achieve moderately, to fit in and survive, to adhere to and listen to those who propagate fearful philosophy based on survival and not risk, isn’t it refreshing to hear one so young who espouses such courageous dedication to such a worthy cause as the “Kids Of Kilimanjaro” which takes care of the needs of those who otherwise are not thought of. The final amount of “hail and bravo” to this young hero will be what is hoped for, your becoming part of the fight to help the children, a group that is thought of but often overlooked in the haste of life. Hail and Bravo Keats!

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